Monday, March 10, 2014

Cool trick to remove times from datetime data types in MSSQL

​A frequent request in SQL is to roll up a bunch of records by date.  Often when you dig into the data you find that the column in question has that snarky time added to the end of all of the dates and nothing will roll up.  So what do you do?
A common approach is to pull out the CONVERT funtion and start treating your dates as strings and go from there.  Unfortunately, that's not really efficient.
I ran across this little gem:
What this does is take your date and figure out how many days are in it from your base date (usually 1/1/1900) and then add that many days back to your base date.  The time value is stripped off because you're working in days.
Date math in sql works with integers and is very fast.  Give it a try the next time you need to strip off that time.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cool New Scrum Retrospetcive Tool

One of the problems common in starting a scrum team is just getting your tooling in place.  You can find many tools to handle the sprint process, but what about the meetings?  Most groups wind up putting together some sort of document repository and treat their meetings just like any other.  In scrum, that means having a predefined structure for the meeting and having someone watching the clock to keep things on track.  It's also difficult to keep things moving along when you have a distributed team.

Enter Sensei.  A great utility to keep those meetings moving.  Check it out, it's free.  It makes it simple to jump right into your retrospective and get right down to business.  You'll come away from your meeting with a well organized plan for improving your process in your next sprint.