Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Apple's grip on my wallet is weakening.

Apple, please help me remain a fan.  It seems like I'm seeing less and less of you in my household.


Lost me a long time ago to Android.  My Nexus has been unlocked since I bought it and it's much easier to do a one-off app just for yourself without having to get all tied up in some developer program.  I can send a copy to my friends through email without having to cough up $99 for some license.  

I used to love my iPhone, but the experience seemed to go downhill constantly after the second generation iPhone I.  Of course I haven't had a recent one because you already lost me on that device.

Oh, and before I forget, the iPhone is TOO FREAKING SMALL.


Well, you never won me over on this one.  The price point was just too high for a device that I really didn't see a strong purpose for.  Again, along comes Google with a device at less than half the price that lets me as a developer do whatever the heck I want to it. +1 Nexus 7


This device has served me well for many years and I even upgraded it once.  Now, however, with the prevalence of things like cableTV, Netflix, Amazon Streaming, etc.  It's not getting the attention it once did.  The new UI is a pain to use as well.  Try going back to focusing on my stuff instead of all the stuff you want to sell at no discount. 

17" Macbook Pro

Here's the big one.  I'm still using my early 2011 Macbook Pro pretty much for everything.  I've had it repaired a few times because it gets a workout.  I would like to get a new one eventually, but you no longer make them.  

15"? I doubt it.  If you did a 15" with an Occulus rift option, I'd think about it, but it would have to be a full video system for the computer, not just an app or two.  Or better yet, just bring back a decent 17" laptop.

I've got a powerhouse 17" HP laptop sitting here just waiting for a chance to displace the MBP.  You guys need to come up with something for this market.  That 2" of screen real estate really is a deal-breaker for a lot of people.  Like the iPhone, the 15" MBP is TOO FREAKING SMALL.